JNJ Sharp Dressed Man


A few years ago I found a bulldog kennel on-line with the kind of dogs & super pedigrees I was looking for – JnJ Bulldogs from beautiful Coker, Alabama.

 Judy is a really nice lady with a great sense of humour and we hit it off immediately.   She had two very well bred males that I really liked.  Fanfair’s A Taste For Caviar & JnJ’s Slick Willie by Mouser.  It was really tough to decide which I liked better, so when Judy bred a Willie daughter to Cavi I got our name in quick.  Mike & I took the trip to Alabama to pick up our boy that fall, and again I couldn’t decide......We had a great visit, a wonderful trip, and brought back 2 boys from that litter.  Levi & ‘Bama.





The one that looks like his Grandpa Willie, is JnJ’s Sharp Dressed Man at Couleebank.  Levi. 
And as he grew up...... he grew nicer.....


....and nicer....

finally....  he’s a year old.... and I really like him....



We sent Levi out with Larry Clark this summer, and with limited showing he has all his majors, including a 4th in Group his first weekend out, and 8 points.  We will be sending him out with Larry again, of course, hoping to finish him sometime soon.




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